Epoch of Rysos

Pilot (The Breach)

The VIS Kings Romance

We awaken from CryoStasis
The mission: Infiltrate a freighter carrying smuggled human technology.
Take control of the King’s Romance in the 3 minutes before sub-light re-entry of the ship. Prevent the transaction and discover the recipient.

We secure the engineering deck while fighting our way to the bridge.
It’s discovered that the ship is dropping into the Palgrave system.

We are attacked and then saved by an unknown ship in the last moment.
The remains of the Kings Romance tumble toward the planet with us inside.

Palgrave 2 – privately owned small planet with 1-2k residents and a small time CEO.

SSAR – Light combat robot / PA

A Harsh landing

On the ground and on the run, our heroes try to form a plan.

After a showdown with a pirate group also trapped on the planet, we headed for the woods to sneak around and find a way off planet.

Our pan now is to find the weapons cargo of the felled ship to get the upper hand on our pursuers.


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